Top 3 MBA Rankings
Learn how to read them

When it comes to learn how to find the best MBA programs from different schools all over the world, the process can be confusing, hard, and maybe overwhelming.
There are a lot of aspects you have to consider and the best thing you can do is begin your research as soon as possible. That’s why most people go to the Top 3 MBA rankings, (the Financial Times ranking, The Economist ranking and others) to find out the best programs, but, there are some things you need to know, because most of them are based in some criteria you need to think about.
Let’s see some of the Top 3 MBA rankings and how you can read them.

The Financial Times Ranking
Among the Top 3 MBA rankings, the Financial Times ranking is one of the most important you can find. But consider this: they mostly are focused on the salary increase that comes after you finish your MBA program. They use power parity rates to convert the salary numbers, so, keep this in mind when it comes to really understand the rankings you’re reading.

The Economist Ranking
If you’re interested in reading The Economist ranking, keep in mind that they focus in the new career opportunities ranks, personal development and the salary increase range, but the salary range has less weight in the analysis. Remember that this ranking is merely based on American Business schools, but you could also find the London Business School, for example.

Other rankings
Forbes is another important ranking you should be reading if you want to find the best MBA School.  But they’re focus on the American Business School as well. They’re analysis is based in the return of the investment you made, within 5 years.