148.343 households no longer receive subsidized energy and gas 30.687

the Ministry of Economy (MINEC) reported Friday that 148.343 households and entities no longer receive subsidies for electricity, and that 30.687 households have no gas subsidy.

MINEC ruled on the targeting of subsidies that the government gives consumers of liquefied petroleum gas and families using electricity "most in need". Cutting this subsidy began this month.

As for the gas subsidy, are 1,190,852 households those receiving this subsidy throughout the country, an amount equivalent to $ 3.89 per cylinder of 25 pounds. However, it has begun to exclude those whom their financial position allows them to finance this amount, ie, high-upper and upper-middle class according to the map of socio-economic stratification of the study conducted in 2010 by FLACSO, MINEC and UNDP.

Similarly, and based on the same study, they are excluded from the subsidy to electricity users who can cover the amount. Also cease to enjoy the benefit businesses, churches, NGOs, people with beach huts and more than a house registered in his name as well as households with higher consumption 100kW time. MINEC clarifies that payment of the subsidy is solely for CEL.

The institution states that the focus is to "be consistent with the efficiency of public spending and the requirements of international organizations such as the IMF, which recommends that subsidies are granted to those who really need it." "We must remember that the amounts granted come from tax of the entire population and, while it is true that are needed to support families and their income, they must be well managed," he says.

Stresses, however, that special consideration to those who have been excluded and believe they should continue to enjoy the gas subsidy, will specifically. These users should approach Care Centers on Demand (CENADE) or fill out an application for verifical socioeconomic status on the website of MINEC. The form will be enabled from September 12 and then made an inspection of their homes.

On the other prte, MINEC explains that the payment to the gas companies that distribute the product are already regulated, which is expected to be standardized in September.

The audit subsidy through the solidarity card generated savings of $ 46.2 million in 2015 and $ 11.3 million in the first four months of 2016. This allowed the Finance Ministry to reallocate resources to education, health and safety, according to the MINEC.