Tourism Minister explained that this will be the first tour package "seriously". It will cost between $ 25 and $ 60 per person.

l Ministry of Tourism of El Salvador (MITUR) and the micro-region of Balsam announced that the Summit Senderos circuit, covering different near the Cordillera del Balsamo municipalities already have tour packages that cost between $ 25 and $ 60.

Jayaque, Sacacoyo, Talnique, Comasagua and Colon are the municipalities that make up the circuit. "This is the first tour package seriously our marketing and sales system tourism," said Tourism Minister Jose Duarte.

Although the announcement of the tour packages Senderos Summit was held yesterday, this circuit was already being visited by people. "From January to September this year there have been 45 activities and have an average of 150 visitors per activity. The average income per visitor is $ 25 and all this is domestic tourism, "said Minister of Tourism.

According to Duarte, the micro-region has created 125 permanent jobs and 65 temporary workers, and income that has received so far is about $ 168.000. "These are prices (tourist packages) just because they can be paid by the people. Worth paying $ 45 or $ 60, "he added the minister.

The general manager of the micro-region of Balsam, Francisco Lira, said any kind of tourism, either adventure or ecological community, aims to improve the economy of the populations of the circuit.

"The main component of the marketing strategy is to articulate the beach hosting services to link and move to sustainable rural mountain tourism," said a statement from the micro-region.

In addition, the Peoples Living MITUR announced the fair for 10 and 11 September at the International Center for Fairs and Conventions (CIFCO). As explained, this will market 53 packages.

The prices of these packages will be similar to the Summit Trail.

According to Minister of Tourism, this edition of the fair involved 256 municipalities, representing 95% nationwide.

"These packages have been built by the municipalities, through its tourism development committees have managed to make coordination between mayor and microentrepreneurs who allowed this great project," said Duarte.

During the launch event, Minister reemphasized that should promote local tourism, and said circuits Peoples Living allow it because they are not only recognized in the country but also internationally.

He had previously stated that packs these circuits are one of the projects that will help the tourism industry grow by 5% at the end of 2016.
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